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About Us

illuminarean is a company established to build an innovative financial platform, to make new contributions to the IT field, and to provide technical support to Solariant Capital, a company that specializes in global infrastructure project management. We’re striving to provide the best financial platform out there. With our platform, anyone can make smart, convenient investments in projects that excite them. In addition, we believe that the idea of social responsibility extends not only to the services we provide, but also to our internal team culture. At illuminarean, we cultivate a nurturing, collaborative team culture and an autonomous work environment where our members’ skills can shine.



We value the happiness and growth of our employees.
At illuminarean, we work in an autonomous environment where our members can learn, grow, and let their unique talents shine.

A Culture of Mutual Respect

A Culture of Mutual Respect

We respect and trust each other.
A culture of mutual respect doesn’t only build team synergy—it also leads to the best innovations and products.

A Spirit of Challenge

A Spirit of Challenge

We’re not afraid of trying new things.
We believe that fearlessness and perseverance are necessary for achieving a better future.

At illuminarean, we believe that good software starts with a strong team culture.
We’re working hard to create an environment that fosters respect, kindness, and growth.

We learn, discuss,
and share.

We’re building code
that is simple and readable.

Testing is not a choice,
but a necessity.

We review code
to develop and progress.

We improve through reflection
and retrospection.

We pursue continuous integration,
ongoing distribution, and DevOps.

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Seoul Gangnam-gu Gangnam-daero 364, Meewang Building, 14th floor, Suite 1401