Our initiative is to develop innovative platforms for global infrastructure funding and fintech services.

How we work

We communicate openly with
Slack and Google Meet.
We collaborate seamlessly using tools such as Confluence, Figma, Jira, Miro, and Google apps.
We do teambuilding through pleasant chat sessions (aka. Open Floor) every Friday.


4-day Work Week

We work 4 days a week
and recharge for 3 days.

Remote Work

Our office is wherever
we choose to work!
We work remotely and efficiently.

Flexible Hours

We decide what time to
start work! We work on
flexible hours.

Paid Vacations

We own our days off.
No one gets to tell us
when to take them.

Personal Leave

Celebratory or bereavement
leaves are emphasized
with 2-week paid vacations.

Group Insurance

All employees are covered
by group insurance
in case of hazardous events.


We truly believe outstanding performance is achieved through the power of trust, respect and generosity, enabling each and every one of our employees to heighten their potential in an autonomous and responsible environment. Our journey so far has proven this belief, and we look forward to continuing this endeavor with many more people.