illuminarean strives for a balanced lifestyle, where work and life harmoniously coexist. Dive into the story of illuminarean.

  • Here at illuminarean, I find the flexibility and trust extended towards employees truly empowering.

    JaeEun Shin, Head of the Planning Team

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  • illuminarean is a company that bestows a lot of trust in each team member and nurtures individual growth.

    Hyemi Ham, Head of the Flow Team

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    Experience growth alongside your colleagues in an environment rich with diverse opportunities and a positive culture.

    Opportunities and Culture at illuminarean

    Work on developing a myriad of products aimed at making the world a better place

    Thrive in a work culture that emphasizes autonomy, responsibility, and mutual respect

    Grow as a global talent through collaboration with our foreign subsidiaries in the U.S. , Japan, and beyond

    Benefit from a supportive environment where you can acquire specialized knowledge and venture into new territories

    The Perfect illuminarean Candidate

    Courageous enough to admit "I don't know"

    Open-minded and always willing to explore new things

    Sees no boundaries, believing that even a ballerina can become a developer

    Understands that achieving balance is key - works hard but values rest just as much

    Individuals Who Don’t Fit the illuminarean Mold

    View others as merely a means to an end

    Regard money as the be-all and end-all

    Act only upon directives

    Routinely work on weekends


    • About Us

      How stable is illuminarean and who owns it?

      illuminarean was founded through the investment of our parent company, Solariant Capital, located in California, USA. Since our inception, we have been stable and reliably funded. We're also working on generating our own revenue through projects such as EnergyShares US, EnergyShares JP, and GoodVibe Works.
    • Recruitment

      What is the recruitment process and how long does it take?

      For the development team, we follow the process of document screening - coding test - 1st interview - 2nd interview. For Flow, Growth, Planning, Design, and QA teams, the process includes document screening - 1st interview - 2nd interview. We will evaluate your application within a maximum period of two weeks following your submission, and subsequently proceed to the next stage. If you successfully pass the initial screening, a coding test will be conducted within a week of your application review. The first round of interviews will take place within a maximum of three weeks after the application review. If successful, the second round of interviews will be scheduled within three weeks of the first round. The final decision will be communicated to you within a maximum of two weeks following the second round of interviews.
    • Onboarding

      What is the timeline for joining the company?

      The onboarding schedule will be discussed and finalized with the successful candidate after their acceptance. We will reach out via phone or email to assist with joining formalities such as setting up your work account, arranging your work device, and designing your business cards.
    • Onboarding

      Can I work from home starting from the first day?

      The first day of employment requires you to come to the office for an orientation session, setting up your work account, and other necessary procedures. This will also be an opportunity for you to meet and interact with your team members over lunch.
    • Onboarding

      Can I expect to work from home during the entirety of the onboarding process?

      Your first week at illuminarean involves both team and operational onboarding. Team onboarding covers specifics about your job, while operational onboarding informs you about company-wide procedures.