Why US?

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of an infrastructure investment & development company, Solariant Capital (solariantcapital.com). Our baking services are professionally run by network, system, and software engineers.

Network Security

Our bakers are safely located inside firewalls only accessible via Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Only the network traffic required for baking is allowed via Network Address Translation (NAT).

System Security

Even after connecting to our VPN, One-Time Password (OTP) and secure key are required to access the bakers.


Redundancy is the key.  We are utilizing two separate networks from two different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with bakers running on separate systems.  Our notification system allows us to keep our bakers running 24/7.

Low Service Fee

15% for a limited time!

Risk Free

Your coins never leave your wallet! We take full risk on the required bond.


No personal information or sign-up required.


Run by network and system professionals with

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Delegate Tezos

Delegate your Tezos risk free & earn new Tezos.

Co-Bake Tezos

Earn even more Tezos by co-baking with us.

Secure baking System

24th monitoring system. Network Redundancy. System Redundancy. Reward automation.

Live Tracking

Coming in soon!

Coming in soon!

Delegate Tezos

How Does “Delegation” Work?


Bakers earn new Tezos coins (tez or tezzies) by creating new blocks consisting of new Tezos transactions through Proof of Stake ecosystem. Properly running and optimizing baking operations require dedicated programmers and networking specialists, which most people do not have the time or the technical expertise for. Therefore, there are professional bakers that provide baking services for those who want to earn baking awards (newly minted Tezos).

Instead of setting up a complicated and time-consuming baking operation, you can simply delegate the baking rights to us at no risk to you, as your coins never leave your wallet. For the delegated baking services and putting up a bond (we bear the full risk with our coins) on your behalf, we charge 15% of the baking awards. Our dedicated technical team will continuously monitor and optimize our baking operations to minimize downtime and maximize your payout.


Estimated Annual Delegation Rewards


Use this calculator to estimate your annual returns/rewards percentage. Please note that your annual rewards may vary substantially based on the total number of tezzies that are staked.


Your Delegated Amount
Estimated Annual Blocks
Baking Rewards per Block
Average Fees per Block
Endorsements per Block
Endorsement Rewards per Block
Total Rewards per Block
Total Tezos Supply
Total Tezos Baking
Gross Rewards
Less Delegation Fee
Your Net Rewards


Your Annual Return


Instructions on How to Delegate

1. Log into your Tezos Wallet at wallet.tezbox.com

2. Press “ADD ACCOUNT” to create a KT1 Account. KT1 account is required for delegation.

3. Wait until the NEW account has been added to the blockchain.

4. Transfer your Tezzies from your TZ1 account to the NEW KT1 account

5. Click on the “Delegate” tab

6. Select “Custom

7. Enter tz1Ryat7ZuRapjGUgsPym9DuMGrTYYyDBJoq

8. Press “Update Delegate

* Please note that minimum required amount for delegation is 3,000 ꜩ.  Earnings will not be distributed to those not meeting the requirement for the specified cycle.

Co-Bake Tezos

How Does “Co-Baking” Work?


Tezos Proof of Stake algorithm requires bakers to put up a bond equal to 8.25% of the staked amount. We, as bakers, charge 10% of the baking rewards for putting up the bonds and providing delegation services. By “staking” the bond with us, we pay out 70% of the delegation service fees (10% of the baking rewards) on baking rewards to our co-bakers. The estimated annual returns for co-baking is about twice as much as simple delegation. See below calculator to estimate your annual co-baking returns. If you’re interested in co-baking, please email us at support@illuminarean.com to obtain more info.

Illumuminarean guarantee: Any losses of the bonds due to our errors are 100% backed (repaid) by illuminarean and our parent company, Solariant Capital, LLC. Requires an execution of an investment contract.


Estimated Annual Co-Baking Rewards


Use this calculator to estimate your annual returns/rewards percentage. Please note that your annual rewards may vary substantially based on the total number of tezzies that are staked.


Assumption: Total Tezos Baking = %
Your Investment (Co-Baking/Bond Amount)
Delegation Multiple
Total Baking Amount
Less Your Own Baking Amount
Additional Delegated Amount (Excluding Your Co-Baking Amount)
Annual Rewards for the Additional Delegated Amount
Delegation Fees
Less Co-Baking Service Fees
Your profit from Delegations Fees
Your annual baking reward (No Delegation Fee Charged)
Total Annual Rewards


Annual Return


Compared to Delegation Rewards Only
Estimated Delegation (Only) Rewards

Live Tracking

We are working on creating a customized live tracking all our delegators and co-bakers.  Until then, you can visit tzscan.io to monitor our operation and see rewards due to you.

Go to tzscan.io


FAQ for more information about Delegation & Co-Bake Services of illuminarean.

Delegating vs Co-Baking

With delegation, we put up the bond (up to 8.24% of the staked amount) for you for a 15% service fee, so you can sit back and collect your rewards. With co-baking, you share the required bond amount with us and reap more profits from delegation services provided to others.

What is Tezos?

Tezos is a new decentralized Delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPOS) blockchain that is a self-amending crypto-leger. Visit tezos.com and tezos.help for more detailed information and helpful resources. For Tezos White Paper visit https://tezos.com/static/papers/white_paper.pdf

What is baking?

Baking is the process of making new blocks with a reward of 16 XTZ for each block generated.

What is endorsing?

Endorsing is the process of verifying blocks that other bakers have baked. The reward for endorsement is 2 XTZ.

What is a bond?

Whenever a new block is baked or endorsed, we have to post a bond to the network which will be frozen for 5 cycles. For delegation, we put up all of the required bond (up to 8.24% of the staked amount) from our own account.

What is delegation?

Delegation is the process of giving baking authority of your tezzies to bakers which would then be used to help create new blocks in the new blockchains.

What is “co-baking”?

Co-baking is a form of investment with illuminarean. You would essentially be joining us on security deposits for bonds that endorse or bake new blocks. When you invest your tezzies with us, you will receive 70% of the revenue generated from providing delegation services.

Why bake with illuminarean?

We have system and network experts to make sure baking process is optimized (the highest uptime possible = no potential revenue losses) and to ensure that there are no mistakes that could result in loss of the bonds.

Why bake with illuminarean?

We have competitive fees and an option to earn more with “co-baking” with us. From delegation, you’d receive 92% of the profits, and with co-baking you would receive __% of the profits. For more specific estimates based on how many ꜩ you have, use our calculators below.

Are there any risks of losing my coins when delegating?

No, your coins stays in your wallet.

What is the minimum requirement of ꜩ I need to delegate?

We ask that you have at least 3,000 ꜩ in your wallet to delegate to us.  Otherwise, our payment system will remove the account from the list of delegators (and its history) and ignore the account until it meets the minimum requirement.

How much will I make?

The rewards will be different whether you delegate or co-bake with us. Click here for estimated annual delegation rewards and here for estimated co-baking rewards.

How do I get paid?

You would get payment to your KT1 account every cycle of the Tezos network.

When will I get my first payment?

The earliest your reward would be available is in around 36-39 days due to the protocol of Tezos and the baking process.

How do I track my delegation rewards?

We will have delegator / co-baker specific live tracking available as soon as we can.  Until then, you can track your earning via https://tzscan.io/your_account_hash

Contact Us

illuminarean Co. LLC is a subsidiary of Solariant Capital, LLC.

For more information, please visit http://www.solariantcapital.com

You can also contact us by email support@illuminarean.com.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.