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Introducing illuminarean:

Welcome to illuminarean, an innovative IT startup committed to making a positive impact and shaping a brighter future for all. If our story resonates with you and our vision ignites your passion, we invite you to learn more about us and join our mission.

Our Origins: 

Backed by Solariant Capital, a US-based eco-friendly energy investment firm, illuminarean was founded with a vision for a better world. Our flagship projects include a global crowdfunding investment platform for sustainable energy project funding initiatives and a transparent cost accounting system for the Korean entertainment industry. Our driving force is the desire to create a better world one step at a time through responsible and purpose-driven business.

Our COO, a Korean-American software engineer, has spent more than 20 years working across the United States (Boston, Silicon Valley), Australia (Melbourne), the Netherlands (The Hague), and Singapore. Inspired by his passion for improving society and fueled by his international corporate experience, he partnered with Solariant's CEO to establish Illuminarean. Today, our company has grown to approximately 50 team members, all dedicated to realizing our vision.

The illuminarean Philosophy: 

At illuminarean, our philosophy is rooted in the belief that we can make a positive impact on society one step at a time. By focusing on the areas where we can create meaningful change, we strive to improve lives, work culture, and create a brighter future for all. 

Our mission is to gradually improve society by tackling issues we can directly influence. We recognize that change doesn't happen overnight, but through consistent effort and dedication, we can make a lasting impact on the world around us.

We acknowledge that Korea faces challenges in work-life balance, often being considered a great place to spend money but a challenging place to make a living. While the country boasts high service standards, the people providing these services often experience unfavorable working conditions. We aim to be a catalyst for change in this area, promoting a healthier work-life balance and advocating for better working environments.

Our Goals:

  • Realistic Approach: We understand that change takes time and effort. We are realistic in our goals, focusing on attainable milestones that contribute to a better society.
  • Potential Products: We believe in creating products and services that contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world, ensuring that our business activities are aligned with our values.
  • Bigger Impact, Not Just Bigger Profits: Our focus is on making a meaningful difference in society, prioritizing a broader impact over merely expanding our profits.

The Challenges of Korean Work Culture:

We recognize that the current state of Korean work culture may hinder progress:

  • Forced and Repetitive Work: Employees often feel overburdened by work that is both repetitive and compulsory, stifling creativity and innovation.
  • Overworked and Disenchanted: As people become overworked, they tend to lose the motivation to improve their reality and pursue their dreams.
  • Work-Centric Life: In many cases, life becomes solely about work, leaving little room for personal growth, relationships, and self-care.

At illuminarean, we are committed to addressing these challenges and fostering a healthier, more balanced work culture. By promoting a positive work environment, we aim to help individuals thrive both professionally and personally, ultimately contributing to a better society for all.

Join the illuminarean Family: 

We are looking for individuals who share our passion for building a better world and are eager to contribute their unique skills to our collective mission. If you align with our values and are committed to personal and professional growth, you'll find a welcoming community at illuminarean.

Together, we'll explore new ideas, challenge the status quo, and move forward with determination and creativity. Let's embark on this journey and build a brighter future, one step at a time.

Ideal illuminarean Candidates:

  • Open to new challenges and eager to learn
  • Courageous in admitting what they don't know
  • Believe that anyone, even a ballerina, can become a developer
  • Give their best not only at work but also when taking a break

At illuminarean, You Will Find:

  • Opportunities to develop diverse products for a better world
  • Collaboration with international subsidiaries for global growth
  • A nurturing environment to learn, innovate, and experiment
  • A progressive work culture centered on respect, autonomy, and responsibility

At illuminarean, You Won't Find:

  • People who only act when asked
  • Workaholics who can't relax on weekends
  • Individuals who treat others as mere means
  • People whose main goal is financial wealth

Thank you for considering illuminarean. Join us on our mission to create a better world, one step at a time.

Key Responsibilities
  • Design, develop, and maintain iOS app services
  • Improve iOS app performance and quality
  • Collaborate with designers to improve UI/UX
  • Provide feedback to improve product performance
Job Requirements
  • 3+ years of iOS development experience
  • Strong understanding of the iOS platform
  • Ability to use various tools to simplify/optimize development
  • Systematic problem-solving skills
  • Familiarity with Swift language
  • Knowledge of design patterns (MVVM, MVP) and performance optimisation
  • Understanding of REST APIs
  • Experience with Git and completing commercial services from start to finish
  • Good communication skills and ability to work collaboratively
Common Qualifications
  • Show respect and inclusivity towards all individuals, irrespective of their age, gender, appearance, education, religion, politics, or role, and avoid any discriminatory behavior.
  • Celebrate diversity and respect individuality within the workplace.
  • Express your thoughts in an honest and constructive way that benefits the company and the team.
  • Articulate your opinions effectively, to prevent misunderstandings and offend anyone.
  • Demonstrate humility, a willingness to learn from others, and share your knowledge with your team.
  • Take a proactive approach to identifying and sourcing the information needed to improve the service.
  • Continuously explore and discover user needs.
  • Be adept at coordinating and communicating effectively across teams.
  • Have a strong desire to grow with the company.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with automated deployments and operations
  • Github link and portfolio or documentation submission
  • Expertise in UI/UX design
  • Interest in improving work processes and development culture
  • Business-level English
Recruitment Process
  • Non-Development Screening: Candidates who meet the criteria will be contacted to schedule an interview.
  • Development Screening: Candidates will receive a coding test questionnaire via email. Based on their coding test results, they may proceed to the next stage.
  • First Round Interview: An interview with the team leader and relevant team members for the position applied.
  • Second Round Interview: An interview with an executive.

Please Note:

  • We will notify all candidates about the outcome of the recruitment process, but it may take some time to receive feedback as we thoroughly review all resumes.
  • Due to remote work, we will conduct virtual interviews.
  • Work remotely to promote a healthy work-life balance and respect individual needs.
  • Four-day workweek from Tuesday to Friday.
  • Flexible work system with staggered hours.
  • Group insurance for employees.
  • Birthday gift certificates.
  • Cafeteria services (coffee, tea, drinks) available in the office.
  • Support for work-related books and training.
  • Two weeks of paid leave for funerals (limited to immediate family and marriage)


※ …with even more welfare benefits to look forward to in the future!